Dear Esteemed Participants,

We are excited to hold 13th International Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Congress, under the responsibility of Çukurova University and Plant Biotech company.

Biotechnology is an indispensable tool in terms of ensuring the continuity of genetic diversity and creating new resources. These developments and new technologies have opened new horizons in many fields of biotechnology and offered different solutions for the nutrition of the increasing world population and improving the quality of life.

Biotechnology, which is at the forefront of today's emerging technologies, is defined as "any technology based on living organisms or biological systems" in its simplest form. Although it may not come to mind at first, developing new products and production methods or improving existing ones by using living organisms are techniques applied by human beings since 12 000 years ago, when the agricultural revolution is thought to have started.

Although these techniques, defined as classical biotechnology, have been used for centuries, the roots of modern biotechnology date back to the work of Pasteur, Robert Koch and Gregor Mendel about a hundred years ago. In this process, many scientists contributed to the developments in the field of biotechnology. All these developments led to the discovery of DNA, the main material of genetics, in the early 1950s.

Thus, the scientific adventure that started with Mendel's hybridization studies gained another dimension with the human genome project, which was initiated to understand the nature of heredity. Today, the pride of our country, Prof. Aziz Sancar received the Nobel Science Award for DNA repair mechanisms,

In our congress, plant biotechnology, molecular biology, agricultural biotechnology, animal biotechnology, microbial biotechnology, medical biotechnology and food biotechnology will be discussed in different sessions.

Your participation in MolBiotech 2024 is essential. We are proud to host this important scientific gathering and bring together the world's leading scientists. At MolBiotech 2024, we will promote scientific excellence and contribute to the discovery of new ideas, making significant progress in the fields of molecular biology and biotechnology. 

On behalf of the organizing committee, we extend our deepest gratitude.

With kind regards,

Chair of Congress

Prof. Dr. N.Yeşim YALÇIN MENDİ

Çukurova University



13th International Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Congress


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